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11.05.2020: The evolving clone

Large plant clones are not as genetically uniform as previously thought. Ulltra-deep re-seqeuncing of a millenium-old seagrass genet has revealed hundreds of somatic genetic polymorphisms. This may change our view that clones are evolutionary "dead ends".

04.05.2020: Hydrogen comes alive

Light-driven production of hydrogen by coupling natural photosystems or photosensitizers with hydrogen-producing catalysts has been achieved in numerous in vitro systems. Now, a recombinant in vivo system is described that generates hydrogen using a hydrogenase enzyme directly coupled to a cyanobacterial photosystem.

04.04.2020: One ash tree does not make a forest

The FraDiv research project investigates how ash dieback affects the biodiversity of our forests, and which silvicultural measures protect the ash trees, as well as the biological diversity of ash-rich forests. As part of the project, 25,200 trees have now been planted.

02.-04.09.2019: Fungal Symposium 2019

Fungal taxonomic and ecological diversities make the fungal kingdom an ideal group in which to study both ecological interactions and evolutionary processes, and researchers study a wide variety of evolutionary model systems in the fungal kingdom.