Kiel Plant Center




Christian-Albrechts University hosts a large number of research groups that address different aspects of plant sciences.

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, research groups investigate plant physiology, cell biology, evolution and the ecological interactions of plants with their environment. Furthermore, the faculty hosts different groups that investigate the potentials of plant cells in biotechnological and medical applications. 

At the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences several research groups focus on crop production and crop protection as well as nutritional qualities of plant compounds. 

Plant research is also conducted at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities where the history of humans is studied from plant remains. 

Scientists at the Geomar - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel study the biology of plants in marine environments, including the biotechnology unit that investigates the potential of utilizing newly discovered marine compounds in crop protection

Plant Scientists  at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology Plön, have a strong focus on plant-pathogen interactions and co-evolution.  


Kiel climate data

The group of Prof. Wolfgang Bilger is continually running a station of long-term (micro) climate measurements in the Botanical Garden in Kiel since March 2014. We offer to share these local data collection with the community of Kiel Plant Center. Measurements are taken every 10 s and averages of these over 10 min are recorded. For some parameters also minimum and maximum recordings exist. The sensors are calibrated at regular intervals. The data are sorted in 2 week periods in Excel worksheets.

The station is located south-east of the Bioturm. An impression how it looks is shown in the image but not all sensors that we use are visible on this image.


climate data


If interested, please contact Prof. Wolfgang Bilger or Frauke Pescheck

You can find the full text here