Kiel Plant Center

Symposium June 13th, 2019



Organization: Botanical Institute
Welcoming words: Margret Sauter



Session 1

Chair: Wagner Fagundes


Part 1: Pathology and Biogenic Stress biology of Marine Macrophytes, Geomar

Speaker: Guido Bonthond "Microbial communities associated to an invasive seaweed and how they vary across ecological scales"

Part 2: Molecular Phytopathology and Biotechnology, CAU Kiel

Speaker: Dirk Schenke "Crosstalk between abiotic UV-B and biotic stress by bacterial infection / flg22-induced MTI - evolutionary aspects and potential impact on the plant - environment interaction"

Details KPC Summer Symposium: Eva H. Stukenbrock


Session 2

Chair: Lizel Potgieter


Part 3: Pharmaceutical Institute, Kiel Plant Glycan Group, CAU Kiel

Speaker: Lukas Pfeifer "First structural characterisation of arabinogalactan-proteins from Zostera marina L."

Part 4: Botanical Institute, Bioenergetics in Photoautotrophs, CAU Kiel

Speaker: Kirstin Gutekunst  "Hypothesis on the synchronistic evolution of autotrophy and heterotrophy"


You can find the full program here