Kiel Plant Center

Symposium April 25th, 2019



Organization: Botanical Institute
Welcoming words: Eva H. Stukenbrock



Session 1

Chair: Janine Haueisen


Part 1: Environmental Genomics, MPI Plön & CAU Kiel

Speaker: Cecile Lorrain "Transposable elements dynamics in Zymoseptoria spp."


Part 2: Molecular Phytopathology and Biotechnology, CAU Kiel

Speaker: Falk Behrens "The role of microRNAs in regulating plant-fungus interactions"


Session 2

Chair: Tanja Rehders


Part 3: Institute for Ecosystem Research, Geobotany, CAU Kiel

Speaker: Karin Schrieber "The role of inbreeding × herbivory interactions for the success of biological invasions"


Part 4: Institute of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, CAU Kiel

Speaker: Bahar Razavi "Plant-Soil microbial interaction: molecular to ecological perspective"


You can find the full program here.