Kiel Plant Center

Symposium May 31th, 2018

Vortrag 3


Organization: Pharmacy
Welcoming words: Prof. Dr. Christian Zidorn
Session chairs: Hardy Mitdank & Dr. Serhat Sezai Çiçek



Part 1: Institute for Ecosystem Research, Department of Geobotany (Director Prof. Dr. Alexandra Erfmeier)

Speaker: Maria Hock “Local adaption of exotic species in high-UV-B environments”


Part 2:  Institute of Botany, Department of Botanical Genetics and Molecular Biology (Director Prof. Dr. Frank Kempken)

Speaker: Dr. Krisztina Kolláth-Leiß  “Auxin biosynthesis in the fungus Neurospora crassa


Part 3: Chair for Plant Breeding (Director Prof. Dr. Christian Jung) 

Speaker: Niharika Sashidh “Reverse genetic tools for mutational analyses of all genes of a complex metabolic pathway in Brassica napus


Part 4:  Institute of Botany, Department of Environmental Genomics (Director Prof. Dr. Eva Holtgrewe-Stukenbrock)

Speaker: Dr. Heike Seybold “Infection with Zymoseptoria tritici renders wheat susceptible to non-adapted plant pathogens“
You can find the full program here.