Kiel Plant Center

Symposium July 12th, 2018

Vortrag 1


Organization: Marine Sciences
Welcoming words: Prof. Deniz Tasdemir & Prof. Eva Stukenbrock



Part 1: Botanical Institute, Department Plant Ecophysiology

Speaker: Frauke Peschek "UV-restistance strategies in green macroalgae"


Part 2: Plant Nutrition

Speaker: Hartmut Kaiser "The role of apoplastic pH in leaf water homeostasis and stomatal responses: Insights from in-situ-microfluorometry under defined changes of leaf water content"


Part 3: GEOMAR, RU Marine Natural Products Chemistry/GEOMAR-Biotech

Speaker: Delphine Parrot "A powerful tool to investigate the spatial distribution of metabolites in marine macroorganisms"


Part 4: Botanical institute, Department Biochemical Ecology and Molecular Evolution

Speaker: Thomas Stegemann "A multifaceted approach to elucidate the pathway of pyrrolizidine alkaloid biosynthesis"


You can find the full program here