Kiel Plant Center

Mini Symposium Cell Biology - 6 February

Feb 06, 2020 from 08:15 AM to 12:15 PM

ZMB - Seminar Room 4th Floor

Candidate talks for Junior Professor in Cell Biology. Each candidate will give a demo teaching lecture on the topic of "protein targeting in the plant cell" (when possible in German), and a 30 minute research lecture. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Dr. David Scheuring (Kaiserslautern)
08:15 - Demo lecture
08:30 - The plant vacuole - integrating stress response and growth control

5 min break

Dr. Andreas Richter (Berlin)
09:15 - Demo lecture
09:30 - What a colourful world: transcriptional and post-translational regulation of pigment biosysnthesis pathways in plants

15 min break

Dr. Christoph Kersten (Zürich)
10:25 - Demo lecture
10:40 - Molecular mechanisms coordinating plant growth upon abiotic and biotic stresses

5 min break

Dr. Henrik Johansson (Berlin)
11:25 - Demo lecture
11:40 - Identification of BBX proteins as essential HY5 cofactors 

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