Kiel Plant Center

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Collage of scientists and plants

Plants are fundamental to the existence of life on Earth and yet they are often overlooked. They are crucial and central components of every ecosystem found on our planet and provide us with food, medication, clothing and housing. Furthermore, the plant world holds potential solutions for the urgent challenges facing our society and the natural world including the climate crisis, emerging pandemics and global food security. Growing human populations and the effects of climate change, however, increasingly strain the sustainable management of crops, and affect plant health and ecosystems in general. Never has it been so crucial that we establish a complete and critical understanding of the life cycle, physiology, ecology, and evolution of plants.

The Kiel Plant Center is a network of plant scientists based in and around Kiel in north Germany. Established in 2017 within the Kiel Life Science (KLS) research area at Kiel University, the KPC brings together plants scientists from several departments and organisations specialising in a wide range of areas including molecular plant biology, ecology, biotechnology, and crop production. The KPC aims to facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration of our members so that together we can to attempt to tackle some of the largest and urgent questions of our time.

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